We treat each Client individually

When starting cooperation, we first review all the issues and assess the situation in order to be able to apply the most suitable methods of work for the client's business from the very beginning. Our clients can concentrate on what is most important to them, namely the development of their companies.

Book keeping

We specialise in the so called “comprehensive book-keeping”, i.e. keeping books and generating a balance sheet.1 We keep books of accounts, also their international versions, for company branches and foreign capital companies.

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Human resources

We always separate running of personnel and wages from book-keeping. These tasks are performed by personnel, wages, and ZUS specialists appointed to a Client.

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Working abroad

We have gained considerable experience in personnel and payroll services for employees delegated to work abroad in Poland (as well as foreigners employed in Polish companies).

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Other services

In addition to accounting and payroll services, we provide consultations with a tax advisor and other business support services.
We use OCR technology, as well as additional applications available online, e.g. for invoicing, running a cash register, etc.

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Tax refund (PIT) from abroad

The services for companies are complemented by an offer intended for employees returning from work abroad.
Have you worked abroad? We will recover the tax paid for you!

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Tax planning

We propose a service model developed in big corporations.Our Clients are offered not only standard book-keeping and personnel services but also comprehensive tax advisory services covering.

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Partners of our company

We operate based on our own knowledge and experience, but also on the knowledge and experience of our partners. This is why the benefit for you is double.

Our participation in professional self-government and economic

We use proven contacts at work for our clients business and knowledge of specialists in various field